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Wind Power, HVAC, LNG bunkering, Diesel engines, Power plant and turbines, Generators, Plumbing and sanitation, Automotive, Aerospace.

Customer industries within the sector

Over the course of partnerships lasting many years, our product specialists and sales staff have achieved notable experience with characteristic conditions and technical applications that apply in many industries.

  • Wind Power<br>industry

    Wind Power

  • Marine /<br> Diesel engines

    Marine /
    Diesel engines

  • LNG fuel <br>bunkering

    LNG fuel

  • Power <br>plants


  • Power turbines /<br> Generators

    Power turbines /

  • Vehicles /<br> Train and railroad

    Vehicles /
    Train and railroad

  • Aerospace /<br> Military equipment

    Aerospace /
    Military equipment

  • Renewal <br> energy


  • Heating, cooling,<br> ventilation (HVAC)

    Heating, cooling,
    ventilation (HVAC)

  • Plumbing /<br> Sanitation

    Plumbing /

  • Drain /<br> Sewerage

    Drain /

Customers in other sectors

Betech is a versatile partner for almost all sectors of technical industry. Good solutions do not need to be reinvented and our technical expertise powers progress and faster results for customers.

Take a look at all the industries where we have particular experience and long-term partnerships.

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